last of england cashmere sweater

I have to thank "A little Bird" for drawing this lovely brand  to my attention. You can read their article here. But this was the bit that caught my eye.

"Last of England was launched when founder Tom Heber-Percy discovered a cashmere jumper of his father’s that was 30 years old but looked as good as new."

So Tom set out to bring back the quality that's now lacking from the cashmere we buy. 

Their values are great. They refuse to follow fashion so their classic styles will always endure. They use the best quality cashmere and techniques that ensure their products will last. They are the Rolls Royce of cashmere jumpers. 

Please note that price may be in pounds on their website and the item will be shopped from the UK. 

From $297 +shipping

From $297 +shipping

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"Last of England" jumpers come in a variety of colours and knit patterns. Click on the images below for a closer look.