the 30 Year Jacket by tom cridland (LTD EDITION)

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. There’s a refreshing honesty about the entire Tom Cridland range, and especially when it comes to the 30 Year Jacket.

A jacket for a lifetime needs to have a personal fit, demands to be hand-crafted with vulnerable seams reinforced, and requires only the finest materials - in this case a pretty stunning 100% wool composition.

So to maintain the rigor that goes into each and every jacket, you’re going to have to wait for this. We always said we loved slow fashion! Order now to get your jacket in January 2017.

It’s in the name: these Jackets come with an amazing 30 year guarantee. For three decades after purchase, the promise is simple and clear.

If anything happens to it over the next 30 years, send it to us and we will mend it and send it back to you. That means the cost of repair and return postage is on us.


£199 / £249

These Jackets are made to measure and handcrafted in extremely small production runs. Pre-orders are now available for January 2017.

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