the 30 year sweatshirt by tom cridland

We all have a jumper that's lasted us years and years; tattered, holey, loose stitching catching on your wristwatch. This kind of thing will add character to a garment, which is great for as long as it's in one piece. But all the character in the world won't keep you warm in a British winter!

For the last couple of years, Tom Cridland has been building solutions. His sweatshirts have become a worldwide sensation off the back of their amazing durability, as well as his ethical, consumer-centric approach.

Forgoing flashy marketing, steep mark-ups and cheap labour, his focus is squarely honed into the quality of the product he’s putting his name on. The fabric is pretty amazing stuff, the blend of 80% luxury cotton and 20% polyester provides a lifetime of durability sure - but it’s truly amazing just how snug, soft and warm these sweatshirts are.

It’s in the name: these sweatshirts come with an amazing 30 year guarantee. For three decades after purchase, the promise is simple and clear.

If anything happens to it over the next 30 years, send it to us and we will mend it and send it back to you. That means the cost of repair and return postage is on us.

The crew-neck sweatshirt is a staple of many a wardrobe, and this one will be right at home in your capsule.


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