the 30 year T-Shirt by tom cridland

An unshrinkable, luxury t-shirt with a 30-year guarantee; you may not need a big sales pitch on this one, but we can't help but go on about it. It’s there in the name: a simple and clear promise for three decades ahead.

If anything happens to it over the next 30 years, send it to us and we will mend it and send it back to you. That means the cost of repair and return postage is on us.

In tackling a garment men are so prone to wearing to death and then tossing aside (and one of the most difficult items of clothing to offer any sort of guarantee on), Tom Cridland has chosen to tackle a tough design challenge rather than rest on his laurels. We think this is an excellent characteristic to look out for in a manufacturer - the design should rise to meet customers’ lofty demands, rather than accepting some half-baked compromise.

Tom Cridland gets it to a tee. The classic crew-cut and the selection of shades, the reinforced stitching and comfortable sizing, the showroom-quality cotton and polyester blend. It's ready to get filthy, it's ready for repeated machine washing, and ready for everything your next thirty years can throw at it.



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