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What makes a BuyMeOnce product?

We find the “best in show” for durability & sustainability
by challenging makers with our five point criteria


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Solidteknics: The Multi-Century Skillet Makers

Solidteknics is an undisputed BuyMeOnce hero. They offer not only high performance, professional quality cookware, but also a guarantee spanning centuries. Literally. You’ll be able to pass these pans down to your great great great grandchildren. Not something you come across everyday? Us neither.


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Our staff of writers and researchers come together each week to create original, thought-provoking and fun content. With a few flowery adjectives, a couple of quips and a smattering of alliteration along the way, we create gift guides, spotlight features and in-depth case studies. Here's a few of our latest – click below for the full back-catalogue.