Each pair of SunGod's stylish sunglasses is totally customisable by you. Swap out the lens, frame or arms to find your perfect look.
What's more? They're the most durable glasses on the market with an incredible lifetime guarantee.

Home Decor

Incredibly gorgeous and long-lasting home decor.
Luks Linen's beautiful blankets, throws and cushions are backed by a solid 20-year guarantee.


Stop the winter chill in its tracks with one of our lovely and cosy BuyMeOnce scarves.

elvis & kresse

Accessories made from fire hoses!

Davek Umbrellas

Classically styled and beautifully made umbrellas, backed up by an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Tilley Hats

Holiday and travel hats with a lifetime guarantee.

Eagle Creek

We love these rough-and-tough bags for their "no matter what" guarantee.

Briggs and Riley

Attractive, sturdy, elegant. Lifetime guaranteed.

wash bags

Wonderful wash bags that will last you a lifetime.

Fisher Pens

Fisher Space Pens are a BuyMeOnce golden find.
All of these pens come with a lifetime warranty, and the Infinium line is said to write for your entire life!

Cross Pens

These high quality writing instruments are a BuyMeOnce favourite. Sophisticated, sleek, repairable and lifetime guaranteed.

Bamboombox Speakers

Forget listening to your favourite beats with muffled sound - these natural bamboo phone/tablet speakers are here to stay.