Bamix Swissline HandBlender

The words ‘handheld’ and ‘blender’ don’t usually scream durability, and that’s something we’re all too aware of here at BuyMeOnce. Nevertheless, we’re always on the lookout for products that defy expectations; the amount of wonderful stuff we've heard from all of you about Bamix really piqued our interest.

Bamix’s founder Roger Perrinjaquet actually invented the hand-mixer, patenting it back in 1950, before the public first laid eyes on it five years later. Their product was received incredibly well and continued to grow in popularity. Typically, a company that has seen this amount of success would diversify their inventory and, in most cases, set aside their morals in order to make more money, but Bamix stayed true to their original design.

In the following 60-odd years, they've kept it simple and consistent. Bamix manufacture their hand-mixers in the same factory in Mettlen, Switzerland where it all started half a century ago.

“I bought a Bamix hand held food blender at a trade show in 1983. I still use it today.” - Laura

“Can I suggest my Bamix Wand? I'm 58, and was given it when I left home, aged 18!” - Elaine

It's best not to take everything you hear like this at face value. So, so many companies seem to have taken years establishing a genuine reputation for longevity, before squandering it in the pursuit of a dollar. But, as far as we can tell, Bamix’s ethics remain like Laura and Elaine’s models - strong as ever.

Their top-of-the-range Swissline comes with a 10-year motor guarantee, which is better than anything we've managed to dig up on hand-blenders. They also pride themselves in keeping spare parts for all their models going back to the company’s creation; this means you’ll be able to find the parts to repair it or you can send it off to Bamix to fix if something goes awry, even if it’s out of warranty.

We are quite confident that Bamix remain the company they were when they started manufacturing hand mixers over 60 years ago, the company that made the hand-mixer you bought 30 years ago and used earlier today. We’d like to challenge them to bump up that warranty to prove that they stand behind their products for life. Right now, there is little question that this hand-mixer is best in show.


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Bamix Swissline Hand Blender
Swissline Stand (as in photos above)

'A' or Aerator Blade. Designed to whip cream & egg whites. Also fantastic for making thick milk shakes and frothy coffees.
'B' or Blender Blade. Great for making mayonnaise, a multitude of dips and sauces, blending pancake and Yorkshire pudding mixture, creamy mashed potatoes and many more dishes.
'C' or Chopper Blade. Great for mincing meat and vegetables (raw or cooked), liquidizes soups straight into the pan, also good for cake mixtures and crushing ice for ice cream and smoothies.

1l Jug