The White T-Shirt company tick all our boxes with super durable tees that also boast brilliant ethical and environmental credentials.

Thought Clothings's Sustainable Staples

Each Thought garment is made from responsibly sourced and recycled materials and designed with a fresh, modern take on wardrobe staples.
The pieces offer fun, whimsical personality as well as practical, lifestyle appeal.

The 30-Year Collection by Tom Cridland

Tom Cridland guarantees his high-end fashion wares for 30 years. A brilliant designer with outstanding ethics.

Marie Hell

For fashionable dresses with a lifetime guarantee and classic style, look no further than Marie Hell.

Multi-Functional Dresses

These classic dresses from Multiway and Bianca Elgar combine versatility, quality and function, making them the perfect all-in-one option.


Super durable, easily repairable and stylish unisex jeans to suit any wardrobe.

Darn Tough Socks

This is the one that gets people's eyebrows jumping. Socks with a lifetime guarantee? Surely not. But yes here they are. Made by Darn Tough.

Myssyfarmi Woolly Hats

Ethical and organic, soft and natural, durable and guaranteed for life.
We're excited to host the finest woolies we've ever seen. Stay warm, Finnish style.


From a 10 year hoodie, to a snuggly cashmere sweater, we have something cosy to keep you going for years.


How do you solve a problem like holey leggings? Super durable, classic tights from Patagonia.


A good shirt is a staple in any capsule wardrobe. We’re trying to find the best in the world.


Patagonia make all their clothes to last, but they will fix them for life. That’s what we like to see!


Sloggi make some totally gorgeous underwear.
What's more? Everything in their EverNew range comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Wow.

Tilley Hats

Holiday and travel hats with a lifetime guarantee