The White T-Shirt company tick all our boxes with super durable tees that also boast brilliant ethical and environmental credentials.

L.L. Bean Wardrobe Staples

LL Bean have established themselves as a leading name in durable fashion, offering a lifetime guarantee on everything they sell.
We've narrowed their collection down to our essential wardrobe pieces.

Darn Tough Socks

This is the one that gets people's eyebrows jumping. Socks with a lifetime guarantee? Surely not. But yes here they are. Made by Darn Tough.

Marie Hell Dresses

For fashionable dresses with a lifetime guarantee and classic style, look no further than Marie Hell.

Nula's Size Adjustable Kidswear

Amazing kid-proof clothing with a three-year fit. Nula's vibrant range is made to outfox growth spurts.
Made in California using organic cotton, the ethics, quality, look and function work in perfect harmony to produce a perfect garment.

American Giant Casual Womenswear

Super comfy casual and athletic wear that won't ever shrink, stretch or wear out. Relax into our curated selection.
It's guaranteed for your lifetime.

American Giant Casual Menswear

Comfy casual and athletic wear that won't ever shrink, stretch or wear out. Made so well, you can just throw it on and forget about it.
Lifetime guaranteed.

Sweaters and Hoodies

From a 10 year hoodie, to a snuggly cashmere sweater, we have something cosy to keep you going for years.

Iron Heart Jeans

These are the most hardcore jeans in the world, practically bullet-proof! A BuyMeOnce must.

Leggings & Tights

How do you solve a problem like holey leggings? Time to stop buying the tights you're binning now!
Super durable, classic garments from Patagonia and Outdoor Research.


A good shirt is a staple in any capsule wardrobe. We’re trying to find the best in the world.


For freezing cold, thundering wind, driving rain... for your morning walk to the shops. Jackets built for a lifetime!


Holiday and travel hats with a lifetime guarantee.