In 1846, the Cross Pen Company emerged as the leader in fine writing instrument manufacturing. From their first elegantly crafted silver and gold cased wooden pencils to the world’s first 21-carat solid gold pen, Cross has demonstrated their ambition to offer the best and most innovative writing tools to makers, artists and musicians worldwide. Their commitment to quality is most recognisable in their business practices; for instance, when the ballpoint pen was first developed in 1945, Cross chose to wait another 8 years to launch their own version with better paste ink. The company is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to pens, pencils and ink and their ingenuity is tangible in their products.

We’ve chosen Cross as a BuyMeOnce brand not only for their commitment to quality, but also for their lifetime guarantee. Their warranty protects your writing instrument from manufacture and mechanical failures regardless of its age, and they also offer plenty of replacement parts to keep your pen or pencil in tip-top shape.

The Century II black ballpoint pen embraces both tradition and evolution -- it has the style and grace of the Classic Century line, but features a bolder look and wider profile. Its signature Cross design, distinctive finishes and balanced, weighted feel give a sense of purpose to anything you write. This pen comes in a multilayered black lacquer finish with rhodium-plated appointments.


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