Dualit 4-Slot Classic Toaster

Dualit are a family owned business run by a father and son. The company have been building these classic award-winning toasters in the UK since 1945. Each machine is carefully assembled by hand and the craftsman etches their name into the base – have a look, who made yours? 

These toasters are built to last; we've even heard from folks who have been proud owners of a Dualit toaster for over 20 years! They're so sturdy that they can be used in commercial kitchens as well. Furthermore, Dualit's exclusive ProHeat elements, the protective armour-plated layer covering the filament, make the interior virtually unbreakable.

This toaster is easy to use: the manual ejector means there’s no need to burn your fingers when removing the toast, and you can also have a peek at the bread to see how it's cooking, which reduces the risk of burning your breakfast. The removable crumb tray makes the toaster simple to clean, and it also has a slot selector control for energy efficiency. This allows you to choose exactly how many pieces of toast you want to start your morning with, rather than letting empty slots burn. 

Our favourite bit is that every part of this toaster is completely replaceable and recyclable, making it much cheaper to fix than replacing the whole thing!

The classic design makes the Dualit toaster look stylish in any kitchen, whether you’ve created a modern look or a nostalgic style. 


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