We were so pleased to find this company who make these unique beds. They even look eco friendly!

This Eco bed is made of sustainably grown UK ash and they are so confident in their craftsmanship that they protect their furniture with a lifetime guarantee.

Unlike some other cheaper furniture makers (naming no names), they use traditional joinery techniques such as dovetail joints that give their pieces of furniture the durability we like to see here at BuyMeOnce.

This bed comes in sizes from 3ft to 7ft. Prices vary with size.

These beds also all come with different finish options.

And there’s an option to remove the footboard too.

This company is wonderfully determined to reduce waste and even wraps its deliveries in reusable blankets to prevent huge piles of cardboard and bubble wrap. Lovely!

Please note, these will be shipped from the UK and Prices are in UK Pounds on their website. 




From approx us$900 +shipping

From approx us$900 +shipping

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