Fitted Long Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt

The White T-Shirt Co. launched with one aim in mind: to make the perfect t-shirt. Like all the best ideas, the core concept is simple. Actually getting there has taken years of self-improvement, attached to a zero compromise approach that permeates the entire outfit.

The quality needs to be impeccable. The ethics unimpeachable. No fault can be allowed to brew and hatch, no issue too minor for concern. Not many successful companies would entirely shut down operations for three years, waiting for an organic yarn supplier that met their exacting standards. Most would cash in on their name, reduce the quality, bump up their margins.

The White T-Shirt Co. relaunched in 2013, and their current crop of clothes is as close to BuyMeOnce perfection as a tee can get.

This fitted round neck long sleeve t-shirt is a classic made from 95% organic cotton. It really goes to show the effortless style of the plain t-shirt - you could wear this thing every single day, it would still be eye-catching.

The Detail:
Our exclusive cottons are knitted to combine durability and exceptional softness.
This t-shirt is a Single Jersey made from 95% organic cotton | 5% Elastane.
Thread count: 30/1.
Weight:210 gr/m2.
Wash at 40° | Avoid tumble drying if possible.


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