coin bangle

We were thrilled to discover Joy Everley Fine Jewellery as they have the perfect combination of craftsmanship and ethics. A family jewellers, they work hard to be as fair trade and sustainable as possible and have picked out a special BuyMeOnce collection just for us. 

Every Joy Everley piece that you see on our site comes with a lifetime guarantee. They don't expect any of these pieces to break, but if you do ever have a problem, they'll gladly fix it for you.

"A dark and distinctive bangle featuring overlapping Roman-inspired coins. This design is based on a cast made from an original Roman coin, which is what gives it its distinctive worn and textured finish. We have emphasised the detailing on each coin by lightly oxidising it, giving this sterling silver bangle a grungy feel. The coins alternate faces, depicting the goddess Roma, the deity personifying Rome, on one side and Romulus and Remus, twin boys shown suckling at the teats of a wolf, on the other.

This piece would make an ideal gift for someone who takes an interest in ancient history and classical mythology or for someone who likes their jewellery a little rough around the edges. It looks great paired with our Black Diamond Roman Coin Necklace for a statement look.

This sterling silver bangle was designed in London and has been handcrafted using traditional lost wax casting before being hallmarked by the London Assay Office. Please read our Jewellery Care guide to make sure your piece of handcrafted jewellery lasts for many years!"

Materials: Solid sterling silver

approx $219

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