Little Seed necklace

We were thrilled to discover Joy Everley Fine Jewellery as they have the perfect combination of craftsmanship and ethics. A family jewellers, they work hard to be as fair trade and sustainable as possible and have picked out a special BuyMeOnce collection just for us. 

Every Joy Everley piece that you see on our site comes with a lifetime guarantee. They don't expect any of these pieces to break, but if you do ever have a problem, they'll gladly fix it for you.

"A necklace of solid silver links shaped like apple seeds, fastened with our secure T-bar & ring. This necklace completes the set with the Little Seed Bracelet. This set is one of the most popular choices for men trying to find a special gift for their partner. The unusual link, which resembles a row of little seeds, is feminine and delicate but also has a substantial feel to it as each seed is a solid piece of silver.

It is a timeless, contemporary piece which can be personalised by choosing one of the smaller silver charms to be attached next to the T-bar fastening.

Please read our Jewellery Care guide to make sure your piece of handcrafted gold jewellery lasts for many years!"

Materials: Sterling silver

approx $368

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