Solidteknics - A BuyMeOnce exclusive

Solidteknics make professional cookware with more than just your lifetime in mind.
They guarantee their pans for generations with their multi-century warranty.

Le Creuset

A Le Creuset pot looks beautiful, cooks wonderfully evenly and you'll still have it to pass down to your grandkids.
And of course they come with the famous Le Creuset Cast Iron Guarantee. Pick a colour, any colour!

Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

Stellar is our ‘best in show’ for non-stick, stainless steel pans, pots and kettles.

Small Appliances

When you need something done quickly and done right, these small appliances are the best tools for getting the job done.

Tools and Utensils

These essential tools and utensils will last you until the last omelette is flipped and the final stew is stirred.


Durable, reliable crockery for even the clumsiest of folks.


Never tuck into a good meal with a wobbly knife or fork again, these stunning utensils come with a 25-year guarantee.


Shatter-resistent and chip-free wares perfect for any casual or fancy engagement.

KeepCup Travel Mugs

Running on fumes? Bring your latte with you.
These colourful travel mugs are virtually unbreakable, user-friendly and completely customisable!

Salt and Pepper Mills

Sturdy wooden mills built to outlast even the blandest dish.

Chopping Boards

A solid chopping board can last you a lifetime of slicing, dicing, and julienning.
Why not do the environment some good by buying a unique board made of reclaimed wood?


Some amazing, durable finds that even Paul Hollywood would approve of!
Your cakes, biscuits and custards will bake up perfect with these long-lasting products.


Accessories and other lifetime items to make cooking and cleaning in your kitchen easier and environmentally friendly.