Light My Fire Titanium Spork

Avoiding eating with horrible flimsy plastic cutlery is perhaps enough reason to carry a sturdy spork with you. However, the waste produced by takeaway one-use cutlery is a serious matter and the sooner we can all get into the habit of bringing our own the better.

Light My Fire’s spork is made of titanium, one of the toughest alloys on the planet. Titanium is widely used in aircraft construction because of its lightness and extreme strength, yet it is also used in surgical and dental implants. Its high biocompatibility means that it is very non-toxic and is not rejected by the body. The spork features a spoon at one end and a fork with serrated edge to be used as a knife, because why bother with three utensils when you can bring along an all-in-one? Sporks are excellent for daily use, camping, hiking, fishing, picnicking and various other outdoor activities.


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