Mason Pearson - POCKET SIZE Bristle and Nylon Brush

We love these gorgeous brushes from Mason Pearson. They look and feel beautiful, are unbeatable at brushing and they are built to last. This one is extra special as it’s pocket sized, making it a handbag must have.

Many might question the price tag of these brushes when there are so many cheaper brushes, but almost all reviewers agree these are the best brushes out there. We’ve had several emails telling stories about how they’ve had these brushes since they were little girls and  they are still going strong decades later!

"Why are they so special? Mason Pearson brushes are not mass produced. Most of the work is carried out by hand using techniques pioneered and patented over 100 years ago and improved over succeeding generations. The rubber cushion pad allows for effective brushing and is kind to the scalp. The cellulose plastic handle is hand-polished and any sharp edges removed to make the brush comfortable to hold. Perfectly designed with a large size base and 8 rings of extra stiff bristle tufts.

A Mason Pearson hair brush is designed to provide many years of quality usage. Hair brushes by Mason Pearson are recognized by discriminating consumers as unique in both design and quality. The distinctive design incorporates spired, uneven tufts of boar bristle and nylon mixture set in a pneumatic rubber pad that enables each individual tuft to penetrate through to the scalp. Each brush comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, but not against normal wear and tear.

  • Bristle and Nylon brush

  • Pocket sized

  • Pneumatic rubber cushion

  • Dark ruby coloured handle

  • Handmade

  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects."



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