We've spent the last year asking – 
Why do we keep buying cheap STUFF that breaks?

  • Cheap stuff is cheap

We all like to save money and isn't it more expensive buying things that last?
Well, no – in the long run, it's often not. Part of our job is to prove this. 

  • Fashion

For some reason, we feel the need to change what we wear, what we use and what our homes look like – and we do this constantly. The fashion and home industries depend on us growing bored or ashamed of our old (often perfectly usable stuff) and throwing it away in favour of their shiny new offerings.

We're looking for the classic designs that will go the distance. They might not be 'bang on trend' but they won't be embarrassing next week either.

  • Who has time to research and find these things? 

We often feel there are no better choices, but there are a few great manufacturers who really do try and build products that last. Our job here is to find them and bring them all together. 

Our short term mission is TO:

  • Make buying things that are built to last easy.  
  • Help you take care of the things you have with our tips and articles. 
  • Encourage people to buy just a few great things they love rather than huge amounts of clutter.  

Our long term mission is to: 

  • Pair with an ethical credit company to provide customers with credit so they can make good choices. 
  • Challenge manufacturers to build products that last longer than the current products on the market. 
  • Become a symbol of longevity (e.g. this is a “BuyMeOnce" blender) to help people choose well. 
  • Change our throwaway culture to a "keep" or "pass on" culture. 

Can you HELP?

Do you know a great product we should include? Please contact us here or email us at contact@buymeonce.com
Do you have any great tips on how to take care of products we feature? Please contact us here or email us at contact@buymeonce.com 



Tara Button is Founder and CEO of BuyMeOnce.com. Tara is an Advertising Creative by day and frantic sustainable website builder by night.

Tara lives in London surrounded by lovely things that last. She spent two years trying to ignore this idea, but for some reason it wouldn't go away. 

If you would like to be involved in BuyMeOnce.com, please contact Tara here.