Nether wallop's Paper Potter Set

The plant pots we rely on to nurture seedlings from their delicate germinative state usually have one thing in common - the brittle, rubbish looking plastic they’re made out of. Rarely recyclable, we get through an incredible 500 million every year in the UK. The stack of pots in the shed is about to topple over. It’s time to break the cycle.

Nether Wallop have come up with a brilliantly intuitive, effortlessly durable and totally eco-friendly solution: the Paper Potter.

Two pieces of fsc oak combine to turn yesterday’s news into spring’s little seedling planters. A cut, a twirl, a fold and a press, and there you have it. You can pop these little pots straight into the ground if you like - the newspaper will biodegrade within the year.

With no breakable parts, this tool will last a lifetime of summers and beyond. If, somehow, anything does happen to it then just get in touch with Nether Wallop and they’ll sort you out. 

Nether Wallop’s patented Paper Potter is poised to give your predisposition to plant into plastic an eco-friendly makeover.


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