Dr. Martens For Life

Dr. Martens have brought out a fantastic selection of boots and shoes that they guarantee for life.
Simply register your pair, and they will fix or replace them if you ever manage to wear them out.

Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme offers a focused collection of crowd-pleasing vegan essentials covering all seasons.
These are distinctive and appealing designs crafted with ethics and durability always front of mind.


For ethical trainers with a transparent supply train and manufacturing process, check out Veja!

Swedish Hasbeens

Sustainable, hand-crafted and durable summer sandals that have started a slow fashion revolution in the shoe world.

LL Bean

Designed in 1912 by L.L. Bean himself, the quality of these boots has seen a reputation and a company built around them.
Get yours early, for every winter since 2011 they've sold out. LL Bean don't outsource - they just make what they can.

LK Bennett

We chose LK Bennett as a BuyMeOnce brand after talking to cobblers from all over the country.
In terms of longevity, and classic styling, this brand is a winner.


Birkenstocks are designed to be worn-out and repaired, which makes them a BuyMeOnce favourite.