Mike Rhode’s Solid Cherry End Grain Cutting Board

Hand-made care or big-brand safety? Mike Rhode’s woodworking company manages to offer the best of both worlds with this stunning end grain cutting board. Each of these cutting boards is handmade in Minnesota, fashioned from only sustainable cherry wood and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

If you love to use heavy, professional quality knives and hate having to constantly resharpen them, then cutting on end-grain could be the end to your woes. With the wood fibres arranged like a stack of straws, knives will press through the grain, maintaining the blade’s razor edge. On top of that, you’ll find fewer permanent marks left in your board. Where a face grain would have its fibers permanently severed, these fibres will spring back to place. Mike Rhode also offers his own board paste that rejuvenates well-used boards to make them look good as new. You can purchase a tub here

This is an end grain cutting board, made of sustainable Cherry wood, that measures 15"x11.5"x1.5". All cutting boards are made by hand so pattern might vary. These boards come with a lifetime limited warranty if properly cared for per the instructions that come with the board.

Mike says, ‘My passion lies where art and science collide; in the creation of custom wood products.’

NB: Not suitable for the dishwasher. Do not submerge in water.




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