Solidteknics Ausfonte 7.08" Tough Love Pan Grill-It Insert, Small

Solidteknics is a truly unique brand. They offer not only high performance, professional quality cookware, but also a guarantee spanning centuries. Literally. Each piece has a multi-generational guarantee; not something you come across every day? Us too.  

The brand is the brainchild of a mechanical engineer with a passion for cooking; each detail has been carefully considered and perfected. The result is an exquisite collection of pans blending form, function and durability. The dream. 

Two ranges are on offer: AUSfonte and AUS-ion.  

The AUSfonte range is crafted from pure Australian cast iron. Cast iron distributes heat extremely evenly and retains it well. The usual side-effect of these qualities is a scorching hot pan handle. Not so with a Solidteknics pan. This issue is countered using pure design; vented necks effectively shed heat, extra-long handles further delay warmth, and the indented grips make for a secure, natural hold.   

Aftercare: How many synthetic non-stick surfaces have we all ruined? Solidteknics deals with this problem by oil-seasoning their pans, creating a non-stick surface that only improves with time. What we love most about this technique is the way it makes your kitchenware mistake-proof; if by chance you scrape away the seasoning, or even if it rusts, you can restore it easily yourself in a few easy steps.

Product Details:

  • AUSfonte 18cm (7.08") grill-it insert 
  • Converts flat pans into cast iron grills, for any weather grilling 
  • No need to buy a separate grill pan: switch between flat and grill pan with ease 
  • Create the perfect set - Small 18cm Pan Grill-it fits AUSfonte 24cm Sauteuse pan base

Each Solidteknics pan is compatible with all range-top heat sources, safe for glass tops, oven-proof. Tough enough to take camping and use over open fire pits.


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