Solidteknics 10" Cast Iron Sauteuse Pan with Long "Love Handle"

Solidteknics make professional cookware with more than just your lifetime in mind. They guarantee their pans for generations with their multi-century warranty - but it’s not a stretch to imagine archaeological digs retrieving perfect pans when 3016 rolls around!

No rivets, no synthetic non-stick, these are forged pieces of metal taking their current earthly form as impervious, ergonomic, gorgeous pans. The engineering demonstrates a seamless blend between durability and functionality, designed to be as user-friendly as they are indestructible.

“The engineers at SOLIDTEKNICS have always loved the benefits of cooking with cast iron, but wanted to update the handle performance, make a smoother surface for even better non-stick performance, and cast them in Australia from clean Australian iron.”

The AUSfonte range uses pure Australian cast-iron. This is the same sort of stuff people have relied on going back centuries. Cast-iron heats relatively slowly, but distributes that heat extremely evenly and retains it for longer. The usual side-effect of these qualities is an extremely hot pan handle, or else the addition of an insulated handle, but Solidteknics counter this issue using design only. The vented necks effectively shed heat, the extra-long handles further delay the warmth, and the indented grips make for a natural hold.

We believe in a more sustainable industry where cookware is not a disposable item, and is not coated with questionable synthetics for a little extra consumer convenience.

How many synthetic non-stick surfaces have we all ruined? Solidteknics take this problem out of the longevity equation by oil-seasoning the pan, creating a non-stick surface that should only improve with time. What we love most about this technique is the way it makes your kitchenware mistake-proof - if by chance you scrape away the seasoning, or even if it’s left to rust, you can restore it easily yourself in a few easy steps.
Look to the right - it's their founder fixing a pan with his six year-old!

Endlessly durable, tremendously practical, and pretty gorgeous to boot! Check out this pan’s specs below.

  • Diameter: 24 cm/10 in
  • Weight: 3 kg / 6.8 pounds
  • Single Piece of Australian Cast-Iron.
  • No Rivets
  • 100% Made in Australia
  • Pan and Handle Pre-Seasoned

All SOLIDTEKNICS cookware is compatible with all range-top heat sources, safe for glass tops, oven-proof, and tough enough to take camping and use over open fire pits.


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