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Million Mile Light

A piece of engineering simplicity and genius from British inventor Tom Lawton: A battery-free light for runners.
Whether you're out running before morning's first glory or as evening turns to dusk, this everlasting beacon will keep you safe.

OneWorldPlay's Unstoppable Soccer Balls

A truly inspiring company. OneWorldPlay create ultra-durable soccer balls that will never need a pump, and thrive in any and all conditions.
Every ball bought helps fund projects that give kids living in disadvantaged communities worldwide a chance to play.

SunGod Revolt Customisable Ski Goggles

SunGod revolts are the world's first fully interchangable, fully replacable goggles, built from the highest quality materials and customised by you.

Yoga Mats

Limber up, Manduka's yoga mats are guaranteed to last a lifetime and it's not even a stretch.
Check out the PRO for the ultimate yoga experience. If you're after something a little lighter, the PROlite range is perfect.

Active Wear

Clothes to keep up with you whether you're climbing a mountain or jogging in the local park.

Unbeatable Sustainable Bottles

Take a reusable water carrier with you on your next adventure and kill off your landfill footprint.

Camelbak's Military Grade Hydration Packs

Camelbak is the original hydration pack pioneer. Their Thermobak offering knocks it out of the park on both durability and ease of use.
Like all of their gear, it's Lifetime Guaranteed.

Fortified's Invincible Bike Lights

With theft-proof screws and using rechargable batteries, these are the ultimate BuyMeOnce bike lights.
Lifetime guaranteed against materials and workmanship damage and, remarkably, against theft.

GoughNuts Dog Toys

GoughNuts was founded because of a desperate need for safe and durable dog toys. These toys are virtually indestructible, and GoughNuts guarantees both this and the toys’ safety with their lifetime Safety Guarantee.

Loll Designs

Loll Designs manufactures durable, all-weather outdoor furniture made from Metem – a line of post-consumer recycled decorative plastic sheets made from 100% recycled plastic milk and detergent packaging. Every Lollygagger chair saves around 296 milk jugs from going to landfill, and the furniture can easily be recycled at the end of its useful life.