SunGod Revolts - Artemis Colour Scheme

For ski goggles as tough as you are, these custom optics are made by SunGod but designed by you.

These are the world’s first interchangeable, fully replaceable goggles. You can take out the lenses and easily replace them with whichever one suits your needs. Their 4KO® snow lenses come in six refined lens tints, designed to enhance contrast and optimize clarity in all conditions. Also, they have a triple-layer scratch resistant coating and anti-reflective inner lens coating which make them super-strong and practical. 

The goggle frame and straps have a range of colours and designs to choose from, and they come with a full lifetime guarantee. However, whilst the lenses do not fall under the guarantee, they’re easily replaceable. So if after a few years on the slopes you find your lens is scratched, you can buy another one separately and pop it in, which is cheaper than purchasing the whole thing! 

These ski goggles can handle the mountains. They’re made with super-flexible frames made of TPU which mold to your face for comfort and durability, and they feature active anti-fog vents to keep your vision crystal sharp and triple density foam to keep you protected against the wind and snow.


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