Channel 4 asks which possessions are the most Important?

Are you up for a minimalist challenge!

Which possessions are most important or valuable to us, is an interesting question. Maybe we don't know the true worth of a possession until it's gone... 

With this in mind, Channel 4 and Princess Productions are looking for people to take part in a TV programme called "Undressed". It's a social experiment where literally everything is stripped out of the contestants' lives and only gradually brought back in. A very interesting and clever idea and one I think will be very revealing (in more ways than one) so it's not for the faint-hearted or prudish. 

Thinking about it, I think the first item I would ask for would be a duvet (which I guess would double as a dress), followed quickly by a toothbrush and my laptop (I can't live without writing). But gosh, I've forgotten my phone! This is tricky... and what would we eat off? 


If you feel you would be interested in such a challenge (we think it would be fascinating), do get in touch with the production company and they'll chat you through it.