Hand Tools

Sealey's Hand Tools all come with what we really like to see... a lifetime guarantee!
We love multi tools too as it means less clutter and less manufacturing. 


We've chosen Harris No-Loss Evolution as our BuyMeOnce brush as they lifetime guarantee that their bristles will never fall out.
Be sure to watch the video on brush care! A paint brush comb can also help extend the lifetime of a paintbrush considerably. 

Ernest Wright Scissors

Over 100 years of knowhow goes into each pair of Ernest Wright and Sons' British-made Scissors.
They're the world’s most durable and beautiful, made using the finest stainless steel.


Who else but Zippo? Eight decades of knowledge go into making these wind-proof lighters nearly as reliable as the wind itself.
Create your own heirloom in the palm of your hand. It's lifetime guaranteed.

The Rest...

Think outside the tool box.