tools  should stand the test of time (and sporadic attempts at diy). 
these are the most durable WE COULD FIND, with the best guarantees

Hand Tools

Sealey's Hand Tools all come with what we really like to see... a lifetime guarantee!
We love multi tools too as it means less clutter and less manufacturing. 


We've chosen Harris No-Loss Evolution as our BuyMeOnce brush as they lifetime guarantee that their bristles will never fall out.
Be sure to watch the video on brush care! A paint brush comb can also help extend the lifetime of a paintbrush considerably. 


Ernest Wright & Sons offer a wide range of scissors that are made in Britain and come with a lifetime guarantee.


Who else but Zippo? Eight decades of knowledge go into making these wind-proof lighters nearly as reliable as the wind itself.
Create your own heirloom in the palm of your hand. It's lifetime guaranteed.

The Rest...

Think outside the tool box.