Marie Hell is a truly special company, run by equally special people. Eileen Mandel is so passionate about her dresses that she wants you to be able to wear them for life; these are carefully designed with style and longevity hand in hand. If your dress ever breaks or fails unexpectedly,  they'll even pay $30 towards the fixing - we love this method. Just take it to a local tailor, and feel a little happier that you've avoided hundreds of wasted air-miles for a simple darn.

Beyond the remarkable range of dresses you've already seen, each individual garment is so very versatile, wonderful staples that can be dressed up and down to fit almost any occasion.

Eileen says:
They are 100% USA made, right down to the hang tags. The fabric is made from wood pulp milled in California; and the manufacturing is done in New York City using the Bluesign-certified fabric dyeing process. We consider ourselves part of the slow fashion movement; being sustainable and eco friendly. Our garments are truly 100% washable, and will last a lifetime.


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