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Million Mile Lights - Club Pack of 20

Working regular eight hour days and maintaining an active life usually means sacrifices. For runners like myself the problem is all too familiar. As the autumn months draw in, you find yourself racing against the setting sun; when winter hits, the darkness is all consuming.

The million mile light is here to keep me safe. It's here for me, and it will still be pounding away when the last of my knee cartilage has bitten the dust. Because this thing is battery free. Nothing to replace, nothing to break.

Inventor and avid jogger Tom Lawton realised that the excess energy we generate when running needn't be wasted. The Million Mile Light is the only light that runs solely off your kinetic energy. When you buy this once, it doesn't come with a batteries-not-included caveat. One purchase will have you sorted, so long as you don't plan on throwing it at walls. The 5-year manufacturing guarantee is a little extra piece of mind, but we don't anticipate you'll be using it - the led is good for 200,000 running hours.

The Detail:
Wearable - Clip on and run
Ultra bright - 30 Lum intensity with 200m visibility
Lightweight and weatherproof - only 44g
Battery free - always ready, never runs out

This Club pack includes:
10 Million Mile Lights (White LEDs) in a colour combo of your choice,
10 Million Mile Lights (Red LEDs),
10 running belts.

Inventor Tom Lawton says:
“Each light comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty (we are working to increase that) and it has been designed to last way, way longer. E.g. If used in normal conditions (i.e. not dropped or smashed) we anticipate that the light will last for 200,000 running hours - the lifespan of the LEDs. The world record holding ultra runner runs 600km per month at 12km per hour - so that's 50 hours of running per month. At this level of use (which no one else will possibly achieve) it will last 4,000 months or 330 years!”

The bulbs are bright in order to keep you safe, yet they won’t distract or blind any drivers or fellow joggers while you run. Additionally, the Million Mile Light picks up on slow movements and will continue to shine even when you reduce your speed. These lights are weather resistant and light, which makes it the perfect addition to your jogging routine.

£225 (Save £95)

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