Fisher Bullet Space Pen in Cherry Red 

In 1966, Paul Fisher invented something extraordinary: a sealed and pressurized pen that could be used in anti-gravity. The AG7 Space Pen was rigorously tested by NASA and in 1968 it was used aboard the first manned Apollo mission.

After his success with NASA, Fisher went on to continue developing unique and revolutionary pens. All Fisher Space Pens are handcrafted in the USA and able to write underwater, over grease, at any angle, upside down, 3-times longer than the average pen, in extreme temperatures ranging from (-30°F to +250°F) and in zero gravity. The pens are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects, and Fisher also offers a repair service for their American clientele.

One of Fisher's first ideas was for the iconic Bullet Pen, named for its sleek rounded ends. This particular Space Pen is in The Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection as a symbol of American industrial design. This mid-century modern pen is still available today in 16 colours and finishes and remains one of Fisher Space Pen's most popular gift items.


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