GIR Pro Spatula

“GIR” stands for Get it Right. With their line of spatulas, they've done that and more. We think they've pretty much nailed it. Their idea originated in a kickstarter: how to create a perfect, indestructible, hygienic spatula. They raised triple the money they were after, and a couple of years later the design has been honed even further.

This is a seamless silicone piece, perhaps the ideal material for a spatula. Heat resistant up to 550°F with a fibreglass core, this thing will stay super cool to the touch even as you approach your third hour slaving away at the stove.

Its ergonomic handle and strong blade make it easy to manipulate food and batters. Dishwasher safe and BPA/BPS free, GIR's creation comes in a wide array of colours and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

The Pro spatula is GIR’s unibody silicone spatula in a size made for professional kitchens and serious home cooks. Ideal for large, deep mixing bowls or pots. Broad, strong blade. Handle balanced and weighted for comfort. Heads up: this spatula is BIG! At 16" long, it really is meant for professional use and/or large batches. But if you need an extra large spatula, it doesn't get better than this.


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