KeepCup Stone Travel Mug

KeepCup was founded by two former cafe owners in Melbourne, Australia. As their cafe business grew, so did the amount of packaging waste they produced; alarmed by the trash, they decided to create an alternative to disposable paper cups.

Enter the KeepCup. This little piece of travel mug genius is designed with the consumer and the planet in mind. The company believes that sustainability is linked to usability, so they’ve made their travel cups completely customer- and barista-friendly to encourage use. This guy is tough, durable, BPA-free and made from fully-tempered soda-lime glass, a strong and resilient glass that is nearly unbreakable. It’s both dishwasher and microwave safe and comes with a splash-proof guard for bumpy journeys.

The color options for KeepCup are endless. The company stocks a wide range of pre-selected color combinations on their site, but they also offer a build-your-own cup option where you can customize to your heart’s content! Make your KeepCup yours, down to the splash-proof plug.


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