zippo AccessOries Pack: 4oz LIGHTER FLUID TIN, WICK, 12 FLINTS

Everything you'll need to keep your Zippo up to snuff. Your brand new Zippo will come with a wick and flint included, but you'll need to add the lighter fluid yourself. In any case, it's great to have a good dozen flints and a wick in your tool box, for that little extra piece of mind. 

Should anything more permanent befall your lighter, of course there's the lifetime guarantee to fall back on. But it's the fixability of Zippo that we love the most - we seem to be living in an age where products are delivered in a sealed impenetrable container, and if it breaks, well it's time to buy a new one. Zippo buck that trend, and so can you - check out the video below if you need any pointers on how to get inside your lighter.


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