zippo armor lighter - Tumbled Brass

Zippo have produced thousands of different designs and styles over the last eight decades, and will always be known for their quality lighters which have been passed down through generations. They’re a genuine BuyMeOnce must own - but the Armor especially.

With a case 1.5 times as thick as a Standard Zippo, you're going to struggle to damage it in the slightest - even the the heaviest of impacts will simply prove character-building for the Armor. A lifetime guarantee covers all Zippo lighters, but this exterior will make an individual heirloom. With a little care, that extra thickness will nurse this flame machine through one lifetime, and another, and then another.

This iconic Armor™ windproof Zippo lighter comes in a dapper tumbled brass, for a lighter a step away from the usual without leaving the realms of classic. It will arrive packaged in a environmentally friendly gift box.


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