ZOJILA Manhattan 2050 Multipurpose Holder

Zojila's designer kitchenware products continue to fascinate us here at BuyMeOnce. It's not often that a manufacturer sets out to design a holder to represent "the existential threat that life on earth faces from climate change". But that's exactly why we love them.

This holder does have a pretty compelling design, the blocks resembling the Manhattan skyline and high waves serving both as an ominous warning and a pleasantly stylish kitchen accessory. Effortlessly versatile, it's just as well suited anywhere in the house; really anywhere that you have multipurpose items that might need to be held. The kitchen, bathroom, living room or office would all be excellent homes for this climactic organiser of tools and utensils.

Made of high grade stainless steel, it has multiple compartments of varying shapes and depths, leaving it fit for all sorts and for dozens of decades. One last use - try it as a scent diffuser. It can hold reed infusers, potpourri or candles!


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