Vossen Country Style Towels - white

Vossen have created beautiful towels made from Fairtrade cotton. The special way they make them means they produce 90% less lint (dropped fibres)  and as an added bonus they also come with a lifetime colour guarantee... so they’ll look wonderful forever and ever!


  • 67cm x 140cm
  • Made from 100% Fairtrade cotton.
  • Subtle chequered design.
  • Velvety soft and exceptionally absorbent.
  • Lifetime colour guarantee - Vossen Country Style towels are all cold dyed for up to 24 hours to ensure the colour remains bright and vibrant.
  • 100% contaminant free - dermatologically tested.
  • Vossen's unique AIRpillow technology aligns the fibres of the towel which gives it a unique handle, superior absorbency and 90% less lint.
  • Made in Austria using sustainable production.

Lifetime Colour Guarantee

  • Vossen has the unique, environment-friendly KKV-Procedure, which reduces the amount of chemicals, temperature and labour involved in the dyeing procedure. During this process the chemical dyes have enough time, up to 24 hours, to react with the cotton fibres.

FROM £11.14

FROM £11.14

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