Zoggs Cottesloe Flyback Swimsuit - Black

If only big corporations were as transparent as last year’s swimsuit purchase. Chlorinated water wears down fabric so irreversibly that after a summer splashing around in the pool, we may as well be wearing a deflated balloon.

Zoggs’ Aqualast swimwear range is built to last and is the world’s first, and only, swimwear fabric to come with a lifetime guarantee. They are resistant to snagging and hold their shape even after hundreds of dips in the pool. No fabric is indestructible and you need to follow all the usual rules about washing and drying - you can’t leave your wet costume to perish in a rolled up towel for 2 weeks - but these swimmers are far more durable than any other available on the market. If anything ever goes wrong Zoggs will replace your swimmers for free, leaving you more time to discover your inner mermaid.


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